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How do you use it?

The SipSak uses a milk bag inside and twists on to the feeding vessel (breast). It has industry grade velcro that helps firmly attach it to the shield (black Triangular Fabric). Once milk bag is attached and the vessel is secured, you may begin to prepare your baby to latch. For latching techniques please seek professional counseling via lactation consultant or IBCLC.

What is it made from?

The SipSak Vessel is made of medical grade silicone and industry strength velcro. The Shield is made of Neoprene.

Will this help my baby latch better?

Latching is a process. Babies and parents must learn together what is best for you both. The SipSak does not fix latch issues. That is done with the help of a professional counselor such as a Lactation Consultant or IBCLC. Please note that The SipSak is here for when you need it, not to deter from breastfeeding or addressing latch concerns.

What is the milk flow like?

The SipSak is designed with suction in mind. The inside is built to be a one way valve tubing encouraging little to no air intake and proper sucking. Milk must be sucked out by the baby. The nipples have ridges and the areola section has raised bumps all to encourage finding the nipple. The nipple has 5 nipples to encourage even milk distribution and paced feeding.

Is this supposed to replace breastfeeding?

Absolutely not. We want to be very clear here. Nothing can replace the breast or breastfeeding. The SipSak intends to be a better bottle and a more realistic way to feed your baby when needed. We fully support the breastfeeding journey and advise anyone to seek professional counseling such as lactation consultant or IBCLC if help is needed. We want you to have the best feeding journey possible and will be here when and if you need support via feeding tool. We encourage everyone to do what's best for their journey.

Can I use this to teach my clients?

Absolutely. The SipSak can be a great teaching tool for professionals. It is hands-free and you can use it in real time to hold and feed baby while demonstrating proper techniques to clients.


What is The SipSak?

The SipSak is a feeding device made of medical grade silicone making it easy to wash and reusable. It ifs designed to encourage baby to pace feed by using a one way valve design. It uses a milk bag making it less hassle and east to prep for feedings and clean up is a breeze. The SipSak has ridges on the nipple and raised dots on the areola to make finding the nipple easy for baby. The nipple also has 5 holes for even milk distribution in babies mouth to encourage paced feedings and less choking. It's designed to lessen if not eliminate unnecessary air intake. The SipSak is inclusive and great for the whole family!  The SipSak empowers everyone to have enhanced bonding experiences with their baby through each feeding! This is bonding made for all!

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